How to ajust a belt – English

HOW TO AJUST A BELT (ENGLISH)For French click here

To adjust a belt you only need pliers, in principle you can use all types of pliers.

Before you start, put the belt around your waist and see how many pieces of belt you want to remove.

1 – Find the bent pins on the inside of the belt, sometimes they have a eyelet, sometimes they don’t.

2 – Bend the end piece straight with the pliers, make sure it is really straight then it can easily be pulled out.

3 – Pull out the pin, the part of the belt will now come loose.

You can repeat these steps until you have removed all the pieces you need. After you’re done, reconnect the pieces and put the pin back in, at the end bend the pin back in.

You are done, you can now wear the belt.

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